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We take objective investment management—and make it personal.

In today’s market, with the complexity of investment options and the large number of commission-based advisors, the role of the independent, fee-based planner has become even more crucial. Having the ability to provide objective investment advice, with the sole criteria being your investment goals, allows you, the client, and us, the advisors, the freedom to focus on achieving the best possible asset allocation and performance results.

You benefit from our unique investment philosophy.

We are long-term investors rather than short-term traders. We carefully select quality investment options with proven management teams, processes and track records, constantly monitoring for changes in key personnel and performance.

We focus on capital preservation hedging against declines in value and purchasing power. We believe it is just as important to preserve capital in bear markets, as it is to increase capital in bullish markets.

We believe that diversification reduces risk and increases the likelihood of consistently good returns in a wide range of economic scenarios.

Sloy, Dahl & Holst’s asset management service was established in order to obtain quality, objective investment management services on a personal basis. Offerings include:

    Investing in no-load mutual funds allows you to maximize your return on investment, by avoiding sales charges and loads that directly impact your rate of return. This provides you the freedom to diversify thoroughly and reallocate when necessary without regard to sales costs. Institutional funds provide additional advantages, giving you greater purchasing power.
    Further customization and tax efficiency can be achieved by utilizing the resources of outside money managers.
    Asset allocation is the process of determining the appropriate mix of investment types that will meet your return goals with the least amount of risk. We put together asset strategies that will complement each other in all market conditions.

We prioritize client relationships.

It is our intent to build a successful long-term partnership with our clients. By communicating regularly, providing quarterly reports and vigilantly monitoring for changes in your financial planning needs, we hope to establish and achieve investment goals, and assist you in attaining your lifestyle and retirement objectives.

Discover how a relationship with Sloy, Dahl & Holst can enhance your asset allocation and performance results. Schedule a meeting with us today.

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