A Boutique Investment House

Est. 1986 | Portland, Oregon

Our building’s history enriches our own.

Located in the Jefferson Station building in downtown Portland, our office space is rich with history and beauty. It creates an ideal welcoming space for our clients—and reminds us that solid decisions stand the test of time. Here’s a bit of building trivia to keep in mind the next time you visit:

  • Jefferson Station was designed by the Trussed Concrete Steel Co. and constructed between 1909-1918 by the Hurley Madison Co. of Tacoma & Portland.
  • Known at the time as Jefferson Substation, the building originally served as an electrical substation for Portland General Electric, housing generators that serviced the entire downtown region.
  • The substation’s original two-ton crane is preserved in the second floor atrium—right outside our windows.
  • In 1981 the building earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places as an early example of reinforced concrete, a technique invented by Julius Kahn.
  • The current incarnation came about in 2006, when a Kemper Co. entity rehabbed the building into office condominiums.
  • We designed and built out our suite in 2008 and have been loving the views and the neighborhood ever since.

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