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Est. 1986 | Portland, Oregon

Our building’s history enriches our own.

Located on the corner of NW 19th Avenue and NW Kearney in the Alphabet District in Northwest Portland. It’s also known as the Historic District, Nob Hill. Our office space is rich with history and beauty. It creates an ideal welcoming space for our clients—and reminds us that solid decisions stand the test of time. Here’s a bit of building trivia to keep in mind the next time you visit:

  • Originally known as the George Good Residence. It was built in 1892 and was designed by the Whidden, Lewis and Shaw.

    This house, built in 1892, shared a half-block with the second house of W.B. Ayer, and the two buildings complemented each other in design and taste. The Queen Anne style shows here in all its facets. The stucco double Gabel with paneling between the windows is very typical of Shaw’s houses, as in the downspout in the center of the panel. The main body of the house was of a tawny-colored, odd-sized brick brought from England—probably as ballast in grain ships. There was a combination of casement and double-hung windows painted white, again typical of the style. A sweeping drive that came in from Nineteenth Avenue and went out to Kearney Street gave the house the air of a grand mansion. It has since been remodeled beyond recognition.

    George Good, the president of the Bank of British Columbia, was the son-in-law of Cicero Hunt Lewis, an early Portland entrepreneur.

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